Fort Worth and Benbrook Lake, Texas- Part 1

And Other Fort Worth Attractions

By now, my hunny and I are used to stolen moments. Back in July 2017, I began a 10-month commitment with AmeriCorps, in order to serve my country and help disaster survivors along-side FEMA. (Read more here.) The journey has taken me across the country to more than 7 different states, and although the experience has been rewarding, nothing makes me happier than getting a weekend off to go exploring with my boy in whatever state I happen to be in at the time. Lucky for me, Aaron is just as adventurous and gypsy-spirited as me, so our paths cross among the states quite often.

In this post, I want to share with you how we spent our weekend in Fort Worth. He picked me up on Friday, and from there we had a full four days to spend with each other exploring and just taking some time off from reality. Keep reading and I tell you about restaurants that we dined at, places we went to go see in the city, and other places of note that I would love to share with you. This weekend brought me a lot of joy, and I hope that I can share some of these wonderful places with you for your own enjoyment should you choose to visit them yourself 🙂 Read More

How I Started Freelance Writing and Blogging with the Help of the Travelista Club

And How You Can Too!

Why Freelance?

Have you always wanted to try freelance writing and just had no clue where to start?

Do you want to stay at home instead of waking up to go to a job that just brings down your soul?

Do you have something that you love and want to share with the world through writing?

Then freelance writing may be for you.

I personally fell into all three of the categories above. I’ve always loved writing. For me, it was a way of expressing myself and the thoughts in my head, as well as exploring new ideas. Don’t ask me why, but things always made more sense on paper than inside my noggin. I started with journaling at a young age; just writing down my hopes and dreams. Then I started writing stories and poetry, and now I have my own blog! Read More


You’re a maestro, orchestrating my beloved tune of black and white encased in memory of those Sunday mornings, A composition of me within those keys that your fingertips would stroke lazily through the legato, Drifting through a melody of sin and desire imprinted in the scales on my ivory skin. The black spiraling down the Read More

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