Dreaming of Nomad

I am a product of society. I like clean clothing and taking showers every night before I go to bed. I enjoy the modern-day comforts like refrigeration and microwaving food- but those aren’t the things that make me happy. Those things aren’t deliberate. I can’t count the multitude of times I have been awake at Read More

My First Time Hiking Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

**First posted on the TravelistaClub.com on March 9, 2018. Visit their website to read more travel stories! Right in front of me was the fabled “Halfway House”, a place I had only heard about in stories before now. According to my Dad, it was more like three-fourths of the way up, instead of half, but Read More

Istanbul, Turkey; A Bridge Between East and West

**Article first posted on TravelistaClub.com on July 17, 2018. Read more travel stories by checking out their website! Istanbul, Turkey is a city that is practically alive. By day, it showcases its abundant history through the towering spires of mosques and cobblestone streets. Monuments to the age when Romans and Turks ruled melt right into the everyday Read More