Living My Most Deliberate Life


I’m Brianna “Bree” Poulin. I am a 21-year-old writer, poet, creator, lover, survivor, and self-proclaimed gypsy. I consider myself a jack of all trades, a master of few things but a lover of many. I grew up in a small town in Eastern Connecticut always searching for the next story to write and my own personal path to happiness. I am marked by the guilt of surviving cancer at a young age, and I have spent my life trying to give back to the world for the time I am lucky to have.

In my younger years, I was heavily involved in my local State Police Troops; an avid police cadet with Troop K in Colchester, and later attending the American Legion State Police Youth Week training camp in 2014. I quickly obtained a leadership position and found myself getting more and more involved in the local volunteer and state-run events. And while I loved being a part of such a wonderful program for young people and supporting my local police, I began to realize I could give back in so many other ways.

In college, despite that knowledge, I fell into the societal trap of higher education and studied Criminal Justice at Arcadia University in Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia. I was miserable. My grades plummeted and my health took a turn. I quit after two years without receiving any degree or certificate.

Recently, I served in AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) FEMA Corps in a continued attempt to give back to the world and align myself closer to my ideals. Together with 8 other people, I have traveled to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, in the wake of this year’s major hurricanes in order to assist FEMA with their mission-based recovery efforts. And finally, I am beginning to figure out how I want to spend my life- deliberately.

I want to experience the divinity in the world. I want to not only smell the roses, but the sunflowers, peonies, forget-me-nots, and whatever else the earth has to offer. I love this life and I want to experience it in the purest way I can for myself, and those that are no longer able to be here with us.

A lot of these posts are from my time and experiences within FEMA Corps, some posts are recollections about a time before, some are my personal poetry, but some are a tribute to who I am now, and who I still strive to be. I believe in all things personal wellness; whether it be meditation, to yoga, to plant-based eating and exercise- to the hobbies and experiences that will light your soul on fire. We only live one life, and I implore you all to spend your time as mindfully and deliberately as you can.

My work has appeared in the following publications.

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